Prayer of a child
Overheard from my five year old son as I buckled the three year old in her car seat:
Dear God,

Thank you so much for macaroni and cheese.

And my little heart warmed.

On the one hand, it is frustrating to slave over the stove for an hour making some delectable bit of nutrition to have your children poke it suspiciously, knowing all the while they would cheer for a thirty three cent box of mac and cheese.

On the other, we have been talking about thankfulness. And specifically about developing a habit of thankfulness. It is easy to notice all that goes wrong in the day. We seemed programmed to notice the worst in everything. To ask "Why me?" To grumble and moan and complain and forget what God has done for us.

It takes effort to notice the positives in our lives and to truly be thankful for those "simple pleasures."

Like mac and cheese.