On issues of health
Sometimes, you just don't appreciate health like you should.

I have been battling something all week which finally culminated in me being almost totally out of commission yesterday. My daughter, always happy to play mom, made lunch, sweet potato pie and even did dishes for me. I laid on the couch with my roll of tissues and my sore throat which permeated the back of my mouth, nose and ears and mostly just felt miserable. The sore, scratchy feeling along with the increasing sinus pressure reminded me of a sinus infection I had years ago...one of the worst experiences of my life. The pain was far greater than that of childbirth. After all, I felt like I was going to give birth right out of my cheek. I remember having semi-lucid fantasies about cutting into my cheek to relieve the pressure.


But upon awakening this morning, I felt better. Not all better, but the sore throat and sinus pressure was gone. All that is left is a weepy right eye and a lot of, um, nose blowing. Ok, and a bit of a cough. But it is so nice to feel better.

When I'm all better, I am going to have to take a moment to consciously consider how nice it feels to just feel healthy.