High school memories
Reading aspiemom's memories of school reminded me of the time I was kicked out of class. English no less. For not taking the class seriously enough.

Go figure.

I found it all strangely amusing at the time, and really did try to remain respectful as the teacher instructed me on how I needed to take her class more seriously and attend to it more. Now, I have to admit, and admitted even then (to myself at least), that she had a point. But the amusing part to me was the fact that I had an "A" in the class. She was purely upset with my motivation, not my performance. And it wasn't as if I were disrespectful. She just knew I wasn't putting the work into her class that I could and was "sliding by."

Anyway, this all culminated in the only test I know of that was given purely for my benefit. One morning before the bell rang, I got out my book, arranged my notebook and suddenly gasped. I leaned over and noted to my friend that I had completely forgotten to do the reading. Thing is, Mrs. S. heard me and her face turned from its general firm "time to get started" morning look to a rather victorious look of "Gotcha!" as she announced a pop quiz.

All the while staring right at me. She stared at me as she passed out the papers. She stood over me as I took the quiz. The moment I was finished, she snatched the paper from me and graded it right next to me.

I don't think I ever saw a teacher so upset about a 100% in my life.

Now, I empathize with her. I really do. But who needs to do the reading in order to pass a quiz covering rather basic information about the life and work of Benjamin Franklin? It seems for an honors English class, it would be expected that most students would know this. Especially since concurrent enrollment in honors History was mandatory for this course since they were being jointly taught.

But I still rather enjoyed it.