Homeschool treasures
Me in a large barn with thousands of books all priced from fifty cents to a dollar goes a little beyond a mere simple pleasure. Especially when my husband did not say anything but "where will we put them?" when asked about reasonable limits.

But he came along.

And helped wrangle restless children while I looked, and browsed and looked some more. He did not even wince as I slowly filled three boxes of books near his camping spot at the children's books. He didn't seem at all concerned as I wrote a check for $44.94. He didn't groan as he loaded them in the car.

But he did again inquire as to where they were to find their final resting place once we got home. Had he not done that, however, I might have started to wonder if I brought the wrong man home from the book sale.

I don't know which was more exciting...searching through the thousands of books for sale for buried treasure, or glancing over at my daughter and seeing the same excitement in her eyes as she sifted through the piles looking for her own treasure.

Then came a complete and total surprise. I expected to see other homeschoolers at today's event. After all, a library book sale held during school hours seems set aside just for us. What I didn't expect was to look up to see my daughter walking up with a complete stranger. As she said,
Mom, she wanted me to introduce you.
I thought perhaps it was someone from church that my daughter knew but that I had never met. But then came the surprise.
Hi, my name is Sarah and I read your blog. I recognized your daughter from the pictures.
How cool is that?

We did end up with one extra item, however. If you would like a chance at it, or would just like to see a complete listing of my discovered treasure, pop on over to my homeschool blog!

(The picture is from Flickr.)