Birth announcement
I speculated the other day that Kit Kat, Bug's little black gerbil, was pregnant. "How do you know that?" the kids immediately inquired. Intuition? The universal sisterhood of expectant mothers? I'm not sure.

She has always been quite a bit bigger than her mate, Buttercup, but has been appearing a little more rotund of late. But that wasn't really what tipped me off.

As Buttercup ran loops through the tubes, and Kit Kat merely raised a weary head before nestling back into her nest, I noticed.

As Buttercup got out four nights in a row, leading to hours long search and "rescue" operations and Kit Kat barely stirred from the nest, I noticed.

As Kit Kat struggled to make the small leap from the bottom cage to the tube leading to her food and water, I noticed.

As I heard Kit Kat labor to climb the tubes she once darted through as quickly as Buttercup, I noticed.

I noticed, and empathized. I so know how you feel, little Kit Kat.

Last night, however, she was restless. She paced the cage which is not at all normal for her, and drank quite a bit. She finally settled in to shredding the toilet paper tubes I had thrown in and lined the nest with the bits of toilet paper that were left on them.

Not surprising, this is what we discovered this morning.

Congratulations, Kit Kat and Buttercup!