My son is a real boy. In real life.
We just got home from a rather long day in Fremont watching a horse show. Whew, was that exhausting! More about that later, but upon getting home, I decided a movie would be really nice.

Really nice because it would mean an hour of cranky, over tired kids being pacified rather than yelled at by their cranky, over tired mom.

At any rate, Bear got to pick and he picked Between the Lions. I'm not sure why...maybe it had something to do with the screaming in the car and bouts of "He's touching me!" (when their seats are exactly two millimeters apart from each other and any movement at all results in touching someone...please someone tell my husband to get the middle seats put back in the minivan!!!!)...but when he said his favorite character was Lionel, I pointed out that Lionel listens to his parents and is nice to his sister.

He had the instant and perfect rejoinder.
Yeah, well that's just pretend. Lionel is a char-ac-ter (with each syllable emphasized!). I am a real boy and this is real life.
So there you have it.