First Sentence
This week my precious little L. E. Fant spoke her first two word sentence, and a well chosen first sentence it was. At the end of the frozen fruits aisle in front of the Cool Whip, she spontaneously threw her little arms on my shoulders, laid her head against my chest and cooed most affectionately:
Love mommy.
Then she repeated it for emphasis. And seeing how delighted her mommy was at this, she said it a third time for good measure.

Needless to say, she had her mother's heart strings tied around her pudgy little fingers. She enjoyed the affections and subtle promptings to repeat her words for a time, but tired of the game by the time we left the frozen foods. Somewhat abruptly and with all the seriousness a one year old can muster, she lifted her forefinger in warning and followed her first sentence with her second.
You stop!
At least she knows how to set boundaries.