First Steps
Well, the little L. E. Fant has learned to walk. As is typical for her in all things, she has crawled along quite contentedly for fifteen months with barely an inkling that she might ever want to transport herself any other way. That is until she decided that she might like to try it out.

So today she stood up and walked several steps across the floor with the orneriest little grin on her face. Right now, she is practicing her turns. She pivots on one foot pretty well. Then she giggles and claps and her little hands, enticing us all to join her in applauding her great talent.

I've never uploaded video before, so we'll see if this works. She had been walking around quite awhile before we thought to get the camera so she is beginning to tire. Here, her sister is bribing her to keep going with coconut, which the dog is cleaning up in the background. Who needs a broom when you have a dog?

Isn't she the sweetest?