Mother's Day with a prudent Mouse
My little Mouse is finding it terribly difficult to earn money to take with her to Utah. Every time she has put together a few dollars, someone has to go and have a birthday. Or the nation decides to have a holiday.

I'm not even sure how she knew Mother's Day was coming. Maybe she saw a display at the store. I certainly didn't say anything, and my husband isn't the type. But at any rate, while we were at the nursery selecting tomatoes and green peppers, Mouse wandered off to look at the flowers.

At first, she discussed a geranium with her father. Her shoulders dropped and she returned it. Then she went to talk to the lady that owned the nursery. They looked around and found something that met Mouse's specifications: houseplant, pretty, under four dollars, small, perennial. That perennial bit was her father's addition. Because what is the use of buying a plant that is just going to die at the end of the season?

So she found this darling little whatever-it-is that has lovely little pink flowers that look like miniature roses. And took it home to plant in a cute little planter that has been laying around.

But before you get all teary eyed like the last time she spent her hard earned money on me, let me tell you the rest of her rationale for this little plant.

It is a perennial. It never dies. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Thus she never has to buy me another Mother's Day present for as long as it lives.

What was wrong with that geranium again?