Jell-O for Breakfast

Update: my brave little girl is currently drinking that disgusting stuff. Her facial expressions say enough, but she is willing herself through it. What a girl.

The “Big Day” is finally almost here. And today is the day my daughter has been looking forward to, enough that she has not thought too much about her colonoscopy tomorrow. Because this is what her menu plan for today includes:

  • Breakfast: Jell-O
  • Lunch: Jell-O
  • Dinner: Jell-O
  • Snack: Popsicles
  • And a refrigerator full of juices all for her.

Nevermind that stuff she is going to have to start drinking soon. One whole liter of stuff I have been told feels like you are drinking oil, eight ounces at a time, spaced ten minutes apart.

I really hope she likes the orange flavoring. At least she enjoyed mixing it.

At any rate, I had intended on posting but I hadn’t intended on getting sick myself. I appear to be all better, but my time and energy and spare neurons are being used up thinking about tomorrow. She checks in at 11 and her procedure is at one. I should be able to post about what happened sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening.

And then it kind of depends on what is discovered as to how with it I will be to post on much else.