Welcome to the soup to nuts' carnival's main course
I've never hosted a general interest carnival before and was not really sure what to expect for this one. True to form, a bit of everything came in. To help with finding something you might wish to check out, I have organized the volumes according to the Dana decimal system in my own private blog library. Maybe that doesn't make any sense since I am the main course. But my creativity has been zapped. For the carnival lover in you, be sure to check out all the other courses:

Happy browsing:

100's Politics

Nunoftheabove takes a look at the presidential race with Democratic Pyrrhic debacle.

Stark County, Ohio News and Human Interest Stories shares a rare appearance of the Cousteau family.

Can the US prevent a starvation crisis posts on just that.

Can US Economy Survive Doomsday takes a look at the Great Depression.

North Canton Beat takes a look at the city schools support of building a Wall of Heroes.

200's Health Care

Health Plans Plus answers "What are discount health plans?"

Blogfabulous says "Stop abortion, vote health care."

Hypnotist Joshua Seth discusses the dangers of aspartame.

My Path to Fitness shares a tip for weight loss.

Physician Entrepreneur tells us how physicians get bonuses for raising the bar.

300's Relationships

Here we go
shares some baby pictures and reflects on his baby's surgeries in Surgeries? What surgeries?

Makeitbetter encourages you to date a dork.

Alex Landis offers some help in dealing with negative people.

Telling it Like it Is
shares some advice on how to stop enabling adult children.

400's Cooking

Tired Garden takes a look at a typical American restaurant from a vegetarian's point of view.

Vegan Bits offers a review of a vegan recipe, Chana Masala a l'Orangette.

Adventures in Daily Living offers a recipe for chicken enchiladas.

Korean Diary shares a little of Korea with Solnal Celebration.

Food for Life shares an experience with her food presentation.

500's Literature

Poetikat offers a poem, Left to Die.

And Mad Kane shares a limerick, also about a horse.

600's Leisure

Branson Travel Attractions offers a description of The Magnificent 7.

Tip Diva gives some tips for eating at a fancy restaurant.

Entertainment on Earth takes a look at entertainment.

What I See Out My Window shows a peek out Karen's window in Tweed, England.

Anthony McCune's photography blog shares some photographs of an ice storm.

700's Money

Money Blue Book takes a look at the best student credit card offers.

Truthful Lending shares the biggest scam your bank gets away with.

800's Success

Anthony McCune takes a look at navigating the journey of life.

Rob Moshe asks "What are your dreams?"

Don D. Morrison shares tips on generating targeted traffic using forums.

Marketing and Fund Raising Ideas shares a fund raising idea.

Gold Post-it takes a look at technological challenges. And just what that means for our world.

Woody Maxim gives you the answer .

The Next 45 Years, for example, offers 24 weekly actions for creating lasting success.

Business is Personal shares why even now your business should have an 800 number.

Rena of Where are you Headed presents a product she recommends for becoming more successful.

Rich Vosler encourages us to prune to make growth for new life.

Carol Bentley shares death of the long letter.

900's Religion and Spirituality

The Atma Jyoti Blog takes a look at Light and Shadow and Emptiness in an ongoing series on enlightenment.

Disillusioned Words shares "Why sheltering any faith from criticism is dangerous."

Superbeing Secrets asks "What is Hell?"

1000's The story that just won't fit anywhere

Theo Baskind shares a story about a six legged octopus.

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