My day in the legislature

Well, today we homeschoolers had our "big day," so to speak. LB 1141, a bill which would have rather drastic effects on home education in Nebraska, was heard before the education committee today and it seems that 1/6 of the state's homeschoolers turned out to listen to the hearing.

I arrived twenty minutes early and the overflow room had already overflowed. I was directed to another room and it wasn't long before yet another overflow room was overflowing to the point of opening another one. Somewhat nervously, I even submitted my own written testimony.

I wish I had mentioned to the lady I handed my written testimony to that I was willing to give an oral testimony. But I thought that all the slots were taken...little did I know someone was unable to make it. It wouldn't have mattered that much, except that my testimony actually did address a question asked a few times that was never really addressed. Such is life, I suppose.

One really important piece of advice, however, for anyone who ever goes down to their capitol to protest legislation:

If you are anything like me, you will likely be a little "keyed up." Meaning you will feel like you have had several cups of coffee. And while it seems like you are thinking very quickly about several things at once, important things can get forgotten.

Important things like where you parked your car.

So, no matter how important the legislation is to you, please keep that in mind. It will save you much time and much frustration. Forgetting where you parked your car at WalMart is nothing like forgetting where you parked your car in Lincoln.


If you are actually interested in the bill, there are a number of posts on my homeschooling blog about this and please feel free to ask any questions, add your thoughts to the discussion or just say hi!

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