Impulse purchase
Now, we were shopping for clothes. But Bug only needed some new pants. That is why we got her an adorable pink sweater with ponies on the front. And this:

My question is, How could you not? She reached up out of the cart, found this perfect little hat that suits her pink little personality perfectly and claimed it as her own. As in
This is my hat! The one I've always wanted to be my hat!
And so it was. And so it is. And unlike many impulse purchases, it goes everywhere with her atop her curly head.

It is a good thing we were shopping at Goodwill and not at Van Maur. Total spent on unplanned items: $2.50.

This reminds me of another story. When our oldest was born, we had no money. Goodwill was a little out of our price range, and she was clothed in hand-me-downs from the church. When she was four, that supply finally ran out. We took her to buy a dress and she could not contain the excitement. On the phone with grandma, she related the experience:
Grandma! I have a new dress! A real dress from a real store! I have a store-bought dress!

Really? What store did you go to?

My grandfather laughed so hard after he heard the story, he sent her a check to go to a "real store" and buy a dress. Sort of a bittersweet memory now that he is gone.