Torture pays off
For a variety of reasons, we have decided to enroll 9 year old Mouse and four year old Bear in the homeschool gym program at the Y. During that hour, I am planning on doing a little workout of my own, something for which I was greatly emboldened today.

To ride on the Y's exercise bikes and walk on their treadmills, I figure I probably should wear something besides jeans or a skirt, which really is about the extent of my wardrobe. The only pair of sweats I own I have had since high school and I have outgrown them in two directions. So we stopped at WalMart today to pick up something a little more appropriate.

I was pleasantly surprised.

We don't have to mention actual sizes, but suffice it to say that this particular pair of pants was one full size smaller than the last pair of pants I bought. Granted these are sweats and those were jeans. But we don't need to fret over minor details.

One whole size! And it has only been...well, two months. But all I did in those two months OF HOLIDAY SEASON was continue to not be pregnant. Now there is hope that those clothes I wore before little L. E. Fant might fit again, right?

I credit it all to Friday night's torture. Logically, I know that you do not lose a full size in a single workout, but it helps compensate for the sore muscles which are complaining even now. My husband said I could join the adults' class if I wanted. Ha! Like that is about to happen.

'Cause if it became official, I don't think sensei would take pity on me. He'd stand over me and make me do push ups until I did them right. And that isn't going to happen any sooner than me volunteering to go through that again.