I'm so not in the "in" crowd
After a cup of coffee...or two had an exciting time in New Orleans, hanging out with celebrities and such. I am really excited for her. And I'm glad it wasn't me.

Because most likely I would have turned to my husband and said,
Hey! That guy looks like...that guy. You know. The one from that movie. With all the fighting.
Then I would have gotten home and posted all my pictures to my blog and one of you would have said something terribly ridiculous like,
Hey! That's Brad Pitt! Why didn't you say anything about seeing him? Did he say anything?
And I'd have to say,
Yeah, I thought he looked like him, too, but I couldn't remember his name.
And you'd say,
No, he doesn't look like Brad Pitt. He is Brad Pitt.
And I'd feel like a fool.

Because I'm so not with it when it comes to celebrities.