I've been contacted!

I hereby interrupt the normal posting of this blog with an announcement of something so profound, so utterly incredible, none of you will believe me. Some of you will think I'm off my rocker. But it is completely true.

I have been contacted by the future.

I used to listen to Coast-to-Coast late at night, when insomnia took hold. That was before I learned about staying up late to blog. But anyway, the time travelers who occasionally called in always seemed to me a peculiar brand of late night peculiarity.

I never expected to be contacted myself.

But there it was in my email box. Dated March 8, 2008. Hmm. I would reproduce the contents of this amazing email for you here, but that might dramatically alter something in the space-time continuum.

Besides, it was that kind of email.

As if there weren't enough spammers in the present to clutter my inbox. Now I have to deal with spammers from the future, too.