My little Bug is a follower very empathetic. When someone hurts himself, she is right there, complaining of the same symptoms. Stub your toe, she complains her toe hurts. Have a headache? So does she.

Today, Bear scratched himself and had a rather large red mark on his cheek. While I was inquiring as to the origins of the mark, Bug announced she had a rather large scratch on her cheek, too. My husband looked at her, concerned.
You're going to grow up to have issues, girl.
She looked at him indignantly.
No, I not! I not have any shisshues! I have a scratch on my cheek!
A non-existent scratch and no "shissues." For some reason, the moment struck me and I couldn't stop laughing. She, being the toddler that she is, milked it. Putting on all her charms, she cocked her little head and repeated in her sweetest little "aren't I cute voice,"
"I not have any shissues, Mommy. No, I don't."