Earn money through freelance writing, Part II

Types of Writing That You Can Do

The types of freelance writing that you can do from home vary widely. Many freelancer writers do several types of freelance writing. Here is a list of just a few types of freelance writing that you can pursue:

  • Web content. These writers create short content articles for websites.
    • Pluses. There is a great deal of demand for this type of writing. Often the articles are published quickly and you receive pay quickly.
    • Minuses. The pay tends to be lower than for some other types of writing.
  • Technical writing. These writers create technical manuals, training manuals, instructional material, and online help systems.
    • Pluses. These projects tend to pay more. The projects tend to be larger, meaning that you need fewer of them to earn your goal.
    • Minuses. The project may require that you have specialized training, a degree, or experience as a technical writer.
  • Articles for print magazines. These writers query popular and niche print publications to see if the magazine is interested in printing their work.
    • Pluses. This type of writing is very prestigious. Including an article from a print publication looks great in your portfolio. Print publications tend to pay more.
    • Minuses. Because this type of writing is very desirable to many writers, you will face stiff competition and your queries may be rejected. Your work takes much longer to be published and it takes even longer for you to get paid.
  • Creation of books. Many writers create their own fiction or non-fiction books. Once they have completed the book, they can pursue a traditional publisher, a vanity publisher, self-publish, or compile as an E-book.
    • Pluses. If you have a story to tell or specialized knowledge, this type of writing may be for you.
    • Minuses. It can take months, even years, to complete a book. If you pursue a traditional publisher you will face rejection. If you pursue a vanity publisher or self-publish, you will be responsible for marketing and advertising the book yourself.
  • Editing and proofreading. These freelance writers proofread and correct other people’s writing.
    • Pluses. There’s a big demand for editors and proofreaders.
    • Minuses. You may be coming in towards the tail end of a project; therefore you may be on a tight timeframe.
  • Blogging. Many writers create their own blogs that feature topics of their own choosing.
    • Pluses. With free platforms like Blogger and WordPress there is no cost to set up a blog. You can write about whatever you want. Blogging can be a great way to “hang out your shingle” and announce to the world that you are in business.
    • Minuses. Even if you place advertisements on your site it may be months, if ever, before you earn anything from your blog. Many bloggers never earn anything at all.

Getting Started

So, you’ve decided to pursue freelance writing. The first thing that you will need is a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of anything that you’ve ever written professionally. (If you’ve never written anything professionally, you may want to create a few samples that you can provide to potential clients.) Remember to continue updating and adding to your portfolio as you progress through your freelance writing career.

Networking is a good way to find writing jobs. You can check writing forums such as the WAHMs Who Write forum and the Absolute Write forum. Check on the forums regularly for job leads. Most writing forums have “stickies” at the top of the forum that list job opportunities. It’s also a good idea to find and follow writing blogs to gather tips and hints about writing effectively. These favorite writing blogs can serve as a sort of “virtual mentor.”

A Note of Caution

Be careful not to accept a job offer for too little money. There are many writing “opportunities” on the Internet that pay the writer little, or nothing, for their effort.

If you accept a writing project with a deadline, it is important that you do everything possible to meet that deadline. Someone else’s income may be dependent on your performance. If circumstances beyond your control cause you not to be able to meet your deadline, inform your client as soon as possible so that they can find a replacement writer.


Pursued properly, freelance writing can be a rewarding experience. If you decide to become a freelance writer, I wish you the best.

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Laura Spencer is a WAHM and has been a freelance writer for the past five years. Laura blogs at WritingThoughts, Work From Home Momma, and OpinionMom.

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