Earn money through freelance writing, Part I

Earning Money Through Freelance Writing, Part I

By Laura Spencer

Since I am a freelance writer and people know that I work from home I am often approached with the question, “how can I earn money as a writer by working from my house?” The answer to that question depends on who is asking it.

A Good Honest Look at Yourself

The first step in deciding whether or not to pursue freelance writing is to take a good, hard look at yourself. Some good, honest, self-examination is critical.

Are you kind of person who loves words and everything about them? Do you already write regularly in a journal? Is writing easy for you? Are your spelling and grammar skills above average? Do you have the self-discipline to stick with something once you’ve started it?

If you answered, “yes” to the questions above, chances are that you have the skill set needed to succeed as a freelance writer.

On the other hand, if you dread writing even something as simple as a letter to your Mom, or if you are always starting projects and never finishing them, or if you know that your grammar and spelling leave a lot to be desired – then, freelance writing may not be a good money-making choice for you.

What You Need to Get Started

There is very little that you need to get started in freelance writing. The things that you really need are probably things that you already own:

  • A computer
  • An internet connection
  • An e-mail account

While it is helpful to have a home office to work from, it is not necessary. Many freelance writers work from their kitchen table.

One thing that you probably will need is at least one or two hours each day that you can focus solely on your writing. While a few freelance writers can work in a noisy environment, most cannot. You may want to make your writing time before your children get up or after they go to bed.

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Laura Spencer is a WAHM and has been a freelance writer for the past five years. Laura blogs at WritingThoughts, Work From Home Momma, and OpinionMom.

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