Abstinence as abuse, or society keeps getting stranger
Now it is abuse to not kiss a guy before marriage?

Michelle looks happy enough, but it can't possibly be real. Not when:
her parents so brainwashed her from the time she was not capable of making an informed decision, and then insulated her from society to maintain that indoctrination so severely, that this girl has reached college age having never been kissed by a boy (or a girl, presumably) and is happy about that. (emphasis in original).
And how dare she be happy about it. Unfathomable. This is why we need public education and sex education starting in kindergarten. Not so that children can be protected from venereal diseases and unplanned pregnancies, but to make sure they don't live a life of regret.
These, dear Michelle are the things we regret in life. We regret the things we didn’t do. We regret not kissing our English teachers. I hope you come to that realization sooner rather than later, before the regrets pile up so high they eat you alive when you finally notice them. Ibid.
I'm not quite sure what to say, actually. But as the apparently fictional author says in response to an administrative correction to the use of "dismissive or insulting name calling,"
This may have been one of those times [I have been slightly obnoxious], but I do find it utterly shameful that this girl has been so... sorry, I just can't fully articulate how I feel about the damage that has been done to Miss Vitt. It is beyond the pale. source
It is so much better to have them forced from their families and taught the pleasures of free love from kindergarten.

Why this reminds me of this old quote, I am not sure:
Let me seduce the boys of England and the oldsters may totter unconverted to their graves. Then these boys, become men, may bring about the new Heaven and the new Earth...but without an army I am useless...give me my army, young men; and we will sweep these dogs into the sea."
--The World's Tragedy, p. XXV
Or this one (my translation):
The co-author of the Hessian Sexual Education Guidelines stated several years ago, "We need the sexual stimulation of the students in order to bring about the socialist restructuring of socety and the do away with the obedience to authority, including the love of a child to its parent.
from: Gruende fuer Homeschooling (Reasons for homeschooling)

Poor, damaged, girl. Never abused by a man and happy about it.

I don't know what else to say.

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