Homeschooling on the internet
A few items of interest:

For those of you who love backyard birding as much as we do, here is a wonderful site which includes identification tips and an online bird guide. Also, check out Macaulay Library's online collection of bird songs. In an event inspired by birders' annual "Big Day", researchers are trying to record the songs of as many North American birds as possible. It is Macaulay Library's "Big Year."

Just about everyone has probably heard of YouTube by now. It is so popular, it has its own copycats. Now there is QubeTV, specifically for conservatives. And TeacherTube just for teachers. I haven't had much time to look at either, but TeacherTube has a lot of videos of simple lessons and ideas for the classroom, like how to make a wind-up tractor. Or instruction in a favorite pass time of all adolescent boys, at least in school.

GodTube? I'm sorry, but the ones I've viewed thus far seem more like a parody of Christianity. I hesitate linking, but as much as I agree with the message, can this guy be for real? And good for college campuses? Maybe in "How to Stereotype Christians, 101." I could see it rising to a cult classic but perhaps not with the desired consequences.

By the way, YouTube kidnapped my husband sometime after we got DSL If anyone sees him over there, please send him home.

As much as we homeschoolers enjoy filling out those memes and tagging each other with them, this should be a popular carnival.

Just send in the link to your favorite meme on your blog, and report back to enjoy once it is posted! I may regret mentioning this, but I don't think anyone has tagged me since I moved over to this blog. Maybe the fervor of tagging has died down since so many people put up the "tag free zones" on their blogs. I enjoy them occasionally, but they do seem to come in floods. Feel free to flood this entry. I'll pick one to share with the carnival.

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