The family in crisis
Prompted by a book I received to review (I'll get to that when I finish reading it), I've been thinking a lot about the family recently. What is the family? What is its significance? Why is the traditional view of family being challenged and disrupted?

Why do people tell total strangers that they can't wait for school to start because their kids are driving them crazy? When did our culture come to support neglect and question the welfare of children in homes where the parents wanted to be with them? Why does "socialization" involve removing a child from the bonds of his closest relationships?

Why is the state viewed as a liberator while the family is viewed as the despot?

As the pro-family movement attempts to counter these forces, why has it become so reactive? Why is it so narrowly focused on effecting policy regarding disparate issues at the state and national level?

What should we be fighting for?

The Family Manifesto attempts to lay out a unifying vision to support the family and is available for download. It is close enough to the heart of the issues that I think it is well worth the time to read and to discuss. Are any of you up for a little assignment and "manifesto discussion?" It is only 28 pages long (in the book), and I'd love to read some of your thoughts on it. While it isn't perfect, it leaves me with another question.

Why is something written to uphold something as universal as the family so controversial?

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