Come visit my other's for the birds
The birds in your backyard, to be more exact.

I hope to provide basic information about attracting birds to your yard and how to help make this a family activity with a little general birding news and fun added in.

I applied after receiving some information from the Gack Ink group I joined this month and was happy to be accepted. It is a brand new venture for me, and I feel a bit like I'm talking to myself, so please stop by and leave a comment! (I'm sorry, did that sound a little desperate?)

And if you are interested in Gack Ink and that mysterious little button I stuck in my sidebar, look over the site. They should be putting out a call for submissions soon. I will try to post a link when they do.

I may as well go for a third topic in a single entry. There is a new social bookmarking site out there, now, which is similar to Digg. This one, however, is just for us bloggers. It is new, and therefore pretty easy to get on the front page. I only need like two more votes, I think. Anyway, it is called Blogg-Buzz. You have to register and be invited so they can limit membership to people with blogs, but it only took a day for mine to go through.