Call for submissions and carnivals for your pleasure
I enjoy carnivals. It is interesting to read so many different opinions about a related topic. Most of them do not produce that much traffic, but I have had an occasional post gain some attention from a variety of blogs due to a submission to a carnival. Here are a couple you may wish to contribute to:

The Gonzo Carnival of Education. This is not the Carnival of Education owned by the Education Wonks. The theme of this carnival is different with each edition and I decided education would fit my blog better. Anything education related is welcome, and that is one of the broadest topics I can think of. Just send me the link to gottsegnet*at*gmail*dot*com. I think you know what to do with that or you probably aren't smart enough to read this blog.

Also, my little pet project, the Carnival of Principled Government, is hitting the road for the first time. The next edition will be over at Movement of Existence, a blog I really enjoyed reading through. You can send submissions through the carnival submit form at

One of the more "fun" carnivals to follow is the Carnival of the Insanities over at Dr. Sanity. Everyone needs a little insanity in their week.

The Carnival of Homeschooling seems the most successful which I have participated in. I think it benefits greatly from the Cate's hard work and the desire of most of us to take a peek into other people's homeschools and discuss education issues. So take a moment to visit this week's edition. Hey, it's in Hawaii. How can you pass that up?

It looks like the same old rivalry between Christian and secular homeschoolers is heating up, again. Of course, things like this don't help much. Actually, I have a lot more to say on that topic. So stand by for a rant. I'll get to that tonight when I have time to actually prepare a post.

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