Inconveniences of life
A couple of examples of how our homeschool recipe gets changed at the last minute:

Last week, I planned quite a bit for this week. I don't know how long we have until we shall have a precious new bundle and we are at the convenient spot of transitioning to new topics in nearly every subject. The beginning of any study is always the most time consuming and intensive for me, so I was looking forward to getting that out of the way before the baby comes. This week was supposed to see a bit more intensive study, and some practice in writing which has gone neglected for awhile.

My little mouse was not supposed to lose one of the lenses from her glasses, rendering her nearly blind. Since I am now a "colorful blob" to her, and merely getting through the day gives her a headache, I can hardly ask her to do any reading, writing or figuring. Everything we do shall be oral.

Since we got home late last night, and there wasn't much we could do in light of the issue with the glasses, we decided that today would be an "easy" day. We saw the optometrist, went shopping, and came home for some playtime for the children and a nap for mom while dad...well, while dad decided to not procrastinate.

Due to the number of spiders we have been seeing recently, one of our purchases was a "bug bomb" to put in the crawl space under the house. We had discussed setting this off while at Karate. We would be gone longer than the time you are supposed to evacuate your house and we could leave the windows open, anyway. It should have worked out just fine.

But for some reason, my husband decided to just set it off, driving us all out of doors due to the immediate stench and knowledge that the stuff is not good for you. Normally, it would have been nice to spend a pleasant afternoon outside. But it is cold. 45 degrees with a bitter wind which bit through our clothes. Baby Bug immediately began crying, snuggled in my lap, and begged to go in.

So we retreated to the car. All five of us cuddled in our minivan and enjoyed a library DVD and a bag of popcorn.

Not exactly planned, but it was a lot more fun than any movie we have ever watched in the house.

Now that I have had a three day break from the internet, only watched Animal Planet on television (we don't actually have TV at home) and only listened to Anne of Green Gables in the car, I feel I haven't a clue what is happening in the world. I trust most of it got on fine without me, and that part I am mostly responsible for presumably got on better without me being distracted by the rest of the world. I shall be catching up, but in the meantime, here is a survey of what has been going on in the homeschooling world, via the Carnival of Homeschooling.

And for more family friendly blogging, the Carnival of Family Life.

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