Carnival of Principled Government seeking submissions
We're going on a last visit to my parents' before the new baby is born. There house was struck by lightning last week and various computer components were fried, leaving them with no internet access.

It will be like a field trip to the dark ages, huh?

Anyway, I won't be around, probably until Monday. In the meantime, why not consider contributing to the Carnival of Principled Government? At the moment, I have April 9 listed as the day it will be posted, but I wasn't thinking about Easter so if you have your entries in by the evening of April 9 they will be included. Here are some general thoughts and instructions on how to submit.

If you would be interested in hosting the following carnival, please let me know. I will hopefully not be online because I am planning on having a baby around that time if the baby wishes to cooperate. The carnival so far has attracted an interesting mix of libertarian and conservative entries, but will likely take on the character of your readers and whomever you contact to invite to submit.

Also, I think Kris is still seeking submissions for the Carnival of Homeschooling, due Monday.

Have a great weekend!