Preparation for the nanny-state
I am still not fully convinced this book is for real, but if anything serves to prepare children for government intrusion into their lives, this book seems to fit the bill. A sample page, from

Yes, mama squirrel, keep your children safe from those evil elephants. Celebrating what Jeremy Zilber, author of Why Mommy is a Democrat, identifies as the Democratic Party's core values, we also learn that Democrats make us share our toys and ensure that we can all go to school, just like mommy does.

I don't get into party politics much on this blog. The truth is that I hardly consider myself a member of any particular party. I am conservative, and many describe me as libertarian, but both parties are so far left of my vision of what good government is that I have a hard time affiliating myself directly with a political label. Republican and Democrat alike have worked to ensure that the government takes on an increasing role in the affairs of my household.

If I were to simply replace the word "Democrats" with "government," I think we would have an accurate portrayal of the "core values" of socialism and the growing perspective in America which views the government as our benefactor rather than as the guarantor of our God-given rights.

I have read a comparison between the "party" and parenting in one other notable book. In Eyes of the Tailless Animals, Soon Ok Lee describes a young girl she met whose indoctrination was complete.

My father is Kim Il Sung. My mother is the government.

Is that really how we want to raise our children?

An aside: Mr. Zilber, I'm sorry your book has not received the acclaim from the left that you would have liked, but I fear I agree with your commenters. The indoctrination is a bit too overt to even really take seriously. I teach my children principles such as diligence, compassion, individuality and responsibility. I am sure they will hear a number of political discussions as they grow up, and I am sure that we will discuss how particular candidates emulate or stray from the core principles of good government we strive to instill in them. But I will not raise them with a blind faith in government or in any particular political party.

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