Pregnancy Update, or prayers answered before requested
Last night, I went to bed a little worried. I hadn't felt the baby move since before noon. But I had been busy throughout the afternoon, and tried to comfort myself with the probability that she had either slept through most of the activity or I had simply failed to notice her little kicks. I finally gave up feeling for her movements around midnight and fell asleep. This morning there was still no movement and I had some spotting.

It was nothing serious, and normally not even enough to get me particularly worried. I called the nurse's hotline and she advised me to go ahead and go to the emergency room. She wasn't particularly worried about the little bit of blood, but the fact she hadn't moved in so long was cause for concern. Luckily, my husband was home so we piled in the car and he drove us to the hospital.

I tried to remain calm, but my mind was racing. I kept thinking about that little foot we saw on the ultrasound. Would we never get to tickle it and kiss those little toes?

As we pulled up to the hospital, the little rascal turned a somersault. Then a few little punches and a kick. Relief is rarely so palpable. Since the main concern was the length of time with no movement, we decided not to go to the ER, but wait until morning and call the doctor. All afternoon, I have been feeling her lively little wiggles.

I am so excited to see that wiggly little foot, but am happy to wait two more months.

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