Some thoughts on the Grand Canyon controversy
From PublishersWeekly:
A three-year old controversy over a book espousing a young-earth Creationist view being sold at the Grand Canyon visitors center has resurfaced, with renewed media attention and more they-said, they-said hullabaloo.

In spite of the ongoing squabble, a National Park Service spokesman said it's unlikely to review the sale at the Grand Canyon National Park of a popular book that says the canyon was created during the global flood recounted in the Bible. "The fact that we haven't done anything in the last three years is kind of a decision," David Barna, NPS chief of communications, told RBL.

Since 2003, when New Leaf's Master Books published it, the store has sold Tom Vail's Grand Canyon: A Different View. The arguments began right away. All seem to agree the book contains exquisite photos, but the storm has been over Vail's assertion the Grand Canyon was created just a few thousand years ago.

At this point, said Barna, the book is shelved under an inspirational category. The scientific community wants the book gone, but Barna said the park's interpretive staff wants it to stay "because they're not afraid of alternate views. And they think debate itself is healthy." Barna drew a comparison to Civil War battlefield sites, where visitors may find books with various perspectives of the war's causes. read the rest
David Barna seems like a reasonable man with a reasonable stance. Maybe he is helped along by the steady sale of the book in question, I don't know. But I'm still wondering why it is so imperative that all agree on this issue. Perhaps it is because, as a commenter on a Free Republic discussion asserts,
Better, I'd think, to form a common worldview while young than have to start from scratch as an adult confronted with an unwelcome reality.
I'm not sure what the unwelcome reality is, other than perhaps the fact that others have different opinions. Nice argument for public education. And it really is the root of the problem. To develop a common worldview, we need a common upbringing under central control. That is the purpose of socialization. And it is the purpose of our public education system.

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