Homeschooling Community
I haven't done this in awhile, and appear to have some new readers, so I thought it was about time.

If you are not familiar with Truth Laid Bear, it is a blog with some interesting features, including various communities. One of these nifty communities happens to be the Homeschooling Community. NZ Bear is doing some blog maintenance at the moment, so the display has not changed for a few days, but the page linked is normally a nice place to go for headlines of what is happening in the homeschooling community. Posts from community members and others registered with Truth Laid Bear appear on the community page, and those with links to them are ranked in the middle column. It is a lot like a sort of front page for homeschooling news and information, and in that respect perhaps a little easier to navigate than technorati, unless you are really trying to research a specific topic.

I usually check the main page once a day to see what interesting things pop up, since blogs I've never heard of regularly show up.

If you are interested in joining the community, it is really quite simple. Just leave me a comment or an email.

I prefer the blogs on the community to be primarily about homeschooling, or at least of direct relevance to homeschoolers. Other than that, affiliation only means that you are interested in homeschooling and blog about it regularly enough that people will notice that.

There has never been an issue regarding content that I am aware of, but should you notice something, please tell me privately rather than publicly. Not everyone there shares the same worldview, which is generally evident just from skimming the headlines available. My broader intent is just to give a common space for homeschoolers from a variety of viewpoints to be seen together, to foster discussion and to demonstrate homeschooling as a viable educational option for anyone who might be curious about it.

This isn't about promoting my blog in anyway, and you certainly don't have to link to me. I do ask that you put a link to the community home page so your readers can see this resource as well, but it isn't something I monitor and leave it up to you whether it is something you would like to promote. I need to catch up on this, but I also intend to add all the members to the public bloglines account linked in my sidebar. Anyone interested can thus view all the recent posts from community members if they choose.

For some unknown reason, HSB accounts do not show up. They are linked and ranked on the far right, but their headlines never show up. I don't have a clue why, and have sent in support tickets numerous times...I know there are other issues with the coding within HSB, so have a feeling that may be the problem. Not all HSB templates will register with technorati, either.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.