Remodeling project, phase I
As I shared previously, we are remodeling our former porch to make it into a bedroom for our daughters. We replaced the windows to make the temperature a little more was cold and windy and it was so nice to be inside and not feel the chilling breeze! Here are some pictures from our efforts over the weekend:

We have light! And note the ceiling? My husband and brother hung that and it looks beautiful!

We have heat! This area still needs a third coat of paint and then we will put the cover back on the vent. See the hole cut out of the wall as you peer through the door? That is where they knocked out part of the wall to connect the vent. Eventually that will get patched up!

We have color! This is the yellow from my daughter's quilt we got her for her birthday. My mom is selecting fabric to make curtains from. Hopefully we will have them after Thanksgiving, but we should at least have a photo of the fabric to share.

So much for phase one. The space is now livable, despite the below freezing temperatures we had today. Phase two will involve laying a new floor. We currently have really ugly and badly stained blue carpeting. We are planning on laying wood laminate and putting a nice throw rug on top. Phase two will also involve this corner:

Imagine all that stuff gone. The bed will go here (it is a daybed with a trundle underneath). Around the bed, we are going to build a sort of arbor with lattice work and string some plastic ivy and little white Christmas lights to go with our garden theme. And delight our little ladies who love that sort of thing. There will be a curtain in front of this to give them some privacy. Unfortunately, our house is a bit too small to give them this whole room as theirs alone. It still will be the playroom/sewing room. But they can have a little corner to themselves.