Carnival Announcements and a funny story
I am a couple days late on this since I haven't been on the computer much recently. It is funny how the longer you are away, the less pull it has. Anyway, since I submitted to these carnivals, I really should help in their promotion!

The Carnival of Homeschooling is up over at Why Homeschool. It is the Halloween edition. I know not all my readers celebrate Halloween (we don't either), but my parents do and I had to share this story. My brother is this tech type and he and his friends got together to do up their house. I won't get into the decor, but at the door was a bowl of candy with a sign, "Take only one." What the unsuspecting visitors did not know was that there was also a video camera on the bowl. And a young man inside watching the screen to see how many they took. If they took more than one, he radioed the kids hiding in the ditch and they all jumped out screaming with their air soft guns, "You took more than one!" The poor trick-or-treaters.

If you would like a couple more chuckles, head over to In a Shoe for the Carnival of Kid Comedy. And while you are there, you can peruse her notes on her little one potty training. I almost said youngest, but somehow I doubt it is there one and only son. Boys are so slow. (Just boy started later but was more consistent faster. And her boy is like three months old or something.)

Oh...and I thought we had only one nuthatch, but there are two. We must be on the edge of their respective territories. They showed up at the feeders at the same time yesterday, and boy were they fun to watch! Running around the trees and scolding one another...they caused quite a raucous. The victor did a little dance in our pine tree and then flew off. He never even came to get his sunflower seed from the feeder. What was the point of all that if he wasn't even going to take his prize? We also got a bird bath heater last night. It was so nice to see water out there early this morning rather than ice. Our Audobon's warbler won't have to bathe in holes pecked out by robins anymore.