Pregnant and Homeschooling
I'm officially almost through the eighth week of pregnancy, depicted at left. My little son or daughter is now reactive to the environment in the amniotic sac. S/he can swim and move and has little hands and feet. My baby may look like an alien but s/he's a beautiful little miracle to me.

Good thing, too. Those pregnancy hormones are in full swing, making me nauteous and exhausted. I had it easy with the first two, and really only suffered exhaustion with Bug. But now, morning sickness sounds like such a nice thing to have. All-day sickness is no fun. And it is hard to do much in the way of creative lesson applications while lying on the couch, hoping everything will stay down. And bedtime. Oh, I count down the hours until bedtime.

And then I read things like this...two of nine symptoms of twin pregnancy are extreme fatigue and increased morning sickness...more accurately all-day sickness. Doubtful, but if that is the case, I fear my days of exhaustion have just begun! It doesn't look like I'll have long to wait to know for sure, however. My obstetrician now does an ultrasound at ten weeks to date the pregnancy. So little junior or juniors should have their first photograph in about two weeks.

In the meantime, I still have to figure out how to keep school going forward. The vitamins make me feel worse...I'm thinking we'll have to get back into juicing. Even that seems daunting at the moment, but hopefully the improved nutrition will help us all! Any other ideas? And did any of you experience elevated symptoms with any of your children? Whether they turned out to be singletons or multiples?

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