My Blog-Friend Went to South Padre and All I Got Was This Blog Post
Greetings from the tropics of Texas! There is nothing more relaxing than just sitting on the beach, looking for sea shells and listening to the surf roll in. Baby Bug runs back and forth, chasing the waves but afraid to get her feet wet, like the little shore birds darting back and forth as well. Baby Bear loves chasing the gulls and splashing in the waves near the beach. And Little Mouse, well, she has no fear. She goes out as far as she dares go and lets the surf toss her about.

Nothing more relaxing except perhaps lounging on a boat watching the wild, bottlenose dolphins surface, come close to the boat to take a look at you and then resume their private play.

Heading back today, but since this hotel has internet access, I thought I'd leave a quick note to all of you wherever you are!