A Most Romantic Gift
We have a lot of books. Mostly because I dearly love books, especially children's books. My children spend most of their time reading the same ones over and over and I and my oldest spend a good deal of time picking up after Bear and Bug's reading adventures. So I had a brainstorm awhile back. We boxed up all the books. I have five neat piles of about fifty books each One stacks neatly in a crate in the front room and the others are stored. About once per week, we switch piles. My son has an easier time sliding the books back into the crate than standing them upright on the bookshelf, and due to the more limited fare, my children have suddenly discovered books they didn't even know they had.

One is a little Australian tale, The Muddle-Headed Wombat is Very Bad. The daily reading pleases me to no end. My husband sent this book to me long before he was my husband. We met as exchange students in Germany, returning at the end of the year to our respective countries of origin, I to the US and he to Australia. Many letters and several phone calls followed...and this book tucked in a package. The inscription read,
Dear Dana,

As you can see from the other page, I've had this book since a very young age. It brought me a lot of joy and I read it over and over. However, I haven't read it for years. Actually, it was lost somewhere in our garage until last week. So now; Now I think it's time to pass it on and allow someone else to enjoy what's within. Since you like wombats and have young relatives, you all might just enjoy this Aussie Tale of the Muddle-Headed Wombat.

And now our children enjoy this little tale, as well. My son waits excitedly for the last page...sometimes turning back after I close the book to study it some more. For there, in a third grader's hand, is his father's name.

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