The George Bush Institute for the Standardization of Intellectual Output
Thanks to those who participated in my poll to decide the name for our homeschool, we now have a new name:

The George Bush Institute for the Standardization of Intellectual Output.

In order to get started for this school year, the administration has decided that we need a mission statement in order to firmly establish our vision for education and keep us focused on the primary goal of child training in this institution.
The George Bush Institute for the Standardization of Intellectual Output exists to serve the global economy through ease of sorting graduates according to a single, standardized test and fitting each for socialism. We believe strongly that through rote memorization and basic skills practice, we can achieve a standardized curriculum suitable for none but required of all. The staff of the George Bush Institute are committed to the idea that no child is an individual and that all can be taught to conform to a standard set of beliefs, a standard quality of thought, and a standard level of performance. By relieving the child and parent of all responsibility for education and placing it firmly with the state, we will ensure a future generation well-fitted for a state-run economy.
In order to achieve these goals, we will need:
  1. A scripted curriculum to ensure consistency of content.
  2. Highly trained teachers to ensure consistency of delivery.
  3. Accredited preshool, after school and parenting education programs to ensure consistency of opportunity.
  4. A material distribution facility to ensure consistency of available tools.
  5. Wide-scale use of psychotropic drugs to ensure consistency of behavior.
(Ironically, we never did come up with a decent name for our homeschool and ended up "Hanley Homeschool yet again. Funny thing is, when my husband and I were coming up with the names the other day, I wrote them on the back of an envelope. As I left the Department of Education, I realized it was the same envelope I had all my paperwork in. I hope whoever reviews the forms has a sense of humor!)

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