Seven Principles of Effective Blogging
I answered Maureen's topic on my other blog, although I hardly consider myself effective or successful enough to really give advice on the subject. So instead, I'm going to share seven tips from somebody who actually does have traffic, Greg over at Rhymes With Right. He even gave me a number seven after I asked if I could post his pointers...and finally decided to just go ahead and make a post of his own.

  1. Blog daily, and at a consistent time. That gets folks into the habit of looking at your site every day.
  2. Become an expert. Make yourself a "go-to-guy" on certain issues. I did on the Abdul Rahman case earlier this year, and have written a lot on William Jefferson. School censorship cases are also a topic that I often write on.
  3. Find out what is hot and blog on it. I try to blog on at least one article from RealClearPolitics' Buzztracker section each day. I also like the Washington Post as a source for articles, because they have a link to Technorati with their articles.
  4. Be interesting; be yourself. Duh!
  5. Don't be afraid or ashamed to be provocative.
  6. Trackback to other bloggers writing on the same article. Trackback to bloggers you admire. Trackback to open trackback posts/linkfests.
  7. Join blogging alliances/groups that you find compatible.
OK, talking about Abdul Rahman may or may not make you the most effective homeschool blogger, but we have our topics that pique interest, too. If you want controversy, tackle the Pearls or HSLDA. I would find the discussion on the Convention on Human Rights a little more interesting if more people had unique viewpoints. Socialization seems to be a topic of interest, as are threats and perceived threats to our rights as homeschoolers. And we're homechoolers. We like stories about kids.

My own personal advice? Not seven, but I think determining your focus and sticking to it, developing your own unique voice and getting involved are key. Just look at this entry...I would never have been able to cut and paste Rhymes With Right's tips out of my email box and found the link below if not for a little involvement in the broader blogosphere!

Oh, and this topic is a little hotter than Maureen's thread. Check this out. You have until Friday to submit your entry! It will be like a carnival of blog tips from across the blogosphere!

(HT: Homeland Stupidity for the link...thanks!)