Education System "Out of Step"
This is so typical. Research an issue and put out a report. The findings echo everything we already know...parents are dissatisfied with public education. The research was done in New Zealand, but is it any different here? Do we go about things any differently? Here is what the parents want:
Maxim Institute policy manager Nicki Taylor said a majority of parents: want schools to have more freedom; think teachers should be treated like professionals; would like more information about schools; and above all, would like to select the school their child goes to.
Interestingly, other research has found that these are the exact principles that lead to school improvement. The parents couldn't know what they are talking about, could they? After all, they didn't spend millions of dollars of tax payer money to figure it out.
Ms Taylor said research showed policies which better reflected the wishes of parents, such as open access to schools or rewarding excellence in teaching, could and do improve schooling and pupil achievement.
So what will New Zealand do with this information? They will view it "as a
vital contribution to the debate on education policy in New Zealand." I think that means they will form a committee, hire some experts, do some research and come out with something totally different. That's the way we do things here, anyway.