Master Teacher, Katherine Dang (free seminar download)
(4/07/08) This download is on hold while I figure out what is wrong with the server where it is hosted.

Anyone who had followed my blog for very long has probably noticed that we teach using the Principle Approach. More or less. Most of my philosophy of education has been derived from the Self-Directed Study in the Principle Approach and a seminar I attended in Kansas City last August where Katherine Dang of Philomath graciously volunteered her time to give us an abbreviated version of her week long seminar and answer questions.

She allowed her sessions to be recorded so that any who might desire to hear her message could do so without cost. My brother has donated some of his server space so that we can make this a free download for anyone interested. It is approximately 10 hours of audio, but the sessions are separated so it does not have to be done all at once. My brother has asked that only one person download at a time in order to conserve his bandwidth so it is password protected.

All you need to do is this:

1) Leave me a comment (with your email) or an email so I can add you to the waiting list.
2) I'll send you the website and password to download the sessions.
3) As soon as you are finished, send me a confirmation email that you have finished so I can give the information to the next person.
4) Enjoy the wisdom of a master teacher! And prayerfully consider a donation to her foundation for making this possible.

I will send a confirmation note and let you know where in line you are as soon as I read your message. If you do not hear from me within a couple days, try again.

Feel free to send anyone interested to this entry! Enjoy the seminar. While you are waiting, you can peruse the notes I started uploading, but never finished.

For a real brief overview, check this entry. The chart I made is based on what she teaches. She talks more about setting a firm foundation and using appropriate methodology to reach your goals.

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