Playing with some homeschool stereotypes
It's that time of year again. I just dropped off my paperwork for the state, and needed a name for our homeschool. Two years in a row, we have struggled with a name. For first grade, we were simply "Hanley Homeschool." Last year, you helped me in an online poll to discover a name. There was a nice selection of suggestions, but ultimately, you chose for us The George Bush Institute for the Standardization of Intellectual Output. I even came up with a mission statement. Obviously, that was all in fun (even if I did accidentally turn the paperwork in with an envelope on which I had jotted down all the names. Oops!)

This year we have settled on an actual name for our homeschool. We are the Principled Discovery Academy. My husband's idea, and I liked it. But we still need a tagline, so I thought (just to be fair) I'd play with some of my favorite homeschool stereotypes:

Please vote for your favorite, or feel free to add your own!