Nestle is not for girls
Nestle is in all sorts of trouble in the PR area. I guess. It hasn't stopped them from being one of the largest food distributors in the world, which is maybe why the twibbons haven't influenced them yet. In case you haven't heard, they're accused of endangering the lives of third world children through misleading advertising and marketing that goes against World Health Organization standards. Not to mention slave labor.

Here, they are something like Coca Cola. Ubiquitous and seemingly innocuous. But due to a Christmas care package my parents put together for my husband, I recently fell victim to their seedy advertising. Just look at this candy bar.

What's with the 'o'? Normally, I don't look at candy bar wrappers all that closely. Examining them brings me to the nutritional information and that is the last thing I'm concerned about when unwrapping chocolate. But just in case the fancy girl buster logo wasn't clear enough, they spelled out the weirdest marketing ploy I have ever seen stamped on a piece of candy.

Now what is in a chocolate bar that is NOT for girls you ask? I was expecting something strong. Bold. Like maybe chock full of nuts you had to shell with your teeth or something. Instead, it was just plain old milk chocolate. Mediocre milk chocolate at that.

So guys . . . you can keep your Yorkies. I'll consume my empty calories with something a little more . . .lila.