Everyday wonders
Two weeks?! Has it really been two weeks since I last visited this poor little blog? Parenting, I believe has been lost somewhere in the boxes stacked in the garage. Until today, my front room looked more like the back of a moving van than a house, but we've been working through and making progress.

I would have done some before and after pictures, but do you know where I so carefully placed the camera so I could find it when I wanted it? Thought not. Unfortunately, neither does anyone else.

So you are just going to have to imagine the lovely picture I wanted to place right about here to create visual interest in this post. It is a darling picture, one I hope to hold in my mind for the rest of my days. That's why I'm going to sketch it out here.

It is of my adorable little Bug. She has the brightest, most penetrating eyes, and a wild mop of curls.

Anyway, picture her from behind as she kneels before the front loading washing machine. She's never seen one before, and has been frustrated in the past in her efforts to quickly open the washing machine to see what is going on in there.

But now she knows, and it is a wonderful sight. All the sloshing water and the clothes tossing this way and that.

It's a magazine cover type of shot, capturing the wonder of childhood in the simplest of daily activities.

But I can't find my camera.

And I'm tired of laundry. Do you have any idea how much that stuff piles up during a week without water?

Little Bug isn't tired of laundry, however. At the end of the cycle she runs up to the kitchen, flushed with excitement.
Mommy, you missed the beautiful song!
She's talking about the notification sounds the washer makes when it is finished. It is a pretty little sound, one I might have eventually listened to more as a warning of more folding drudgery to come if it weren't for that excited little face it is now paired with.
Mommy, you missed the beautiful song!

Yes, indeed I did. I was too busy looking at the pile of clothes to be folded to find beauty all around it.