Motivation comes in a variety of ways
I have been sort of teaching the kids German for a long time. Or rather, I have been feeling guilty about not teaching them German as much as I should for a very long time.

Mouse has always been sort of interested. Maybe that is related to my sort of commitment. But she's never been all that motivated. She plays the games, sings the songs and otherwise doesn't really seem all that into the whole thing.

But suddenly she is. She has mapped out an aggressive school plan, and German language and history is featured highly. She has found a website with German sounds, grammar and vocabulary that she has been spending quite a bit of time on, and keeps asking me how to pronounce things. She's been chanting the bits of the songs she remembers and bookmarked a history of Germany I showed her. I think she even started reading it, but the printer is acting up so she couldn't print it.

I was pleased, if a bit baffled, by the sudden intense interest.

But then she showed me her notebook she is making. It is all decorated with locks and keys and "keep out" type messages. Odd connection, I thought, until her triumphant announcement after I looked over all the pronunciation keys and vocabulary she had copied.

When I'm all done, you won't be able to hide anything from me! I know what you guys are talking about and birthday presents and EVERYTHING!
Yep. We long ago had to leave off spelling things to each other. But Mouse is determined to take the ability to just say it in German away as well.