I am not going back outside. Period.
I'm sitting here early in the early morning, a time my blog is quite unaccustomed to. But...well, the buts get pretty long on this one and why my blogs have been sorely unattended to of late, but the dog needed to go out.

At four in the morning, the lab mutt thing just had to go out. I know from experience to listen to that whiney, shriekey prancey thing he does because he has digestive issues and I don't like cleaning those messes. Ick.

So I take him out. Or, rather, I open the sliding door and am surprised by the weirdest, creepiest, other-worldliest cacophony of wails and shrieks I have ever heard. Even "I'm about to poo myself" Hunter tucked his tail and ducked back in the house.

And now I'm afraid to go back outside. Hunter is just lying here, my not-so-fearless and really not that into the protector role mutt. He won't even bark. He just lifts his ears and cowers now and again, looking to me to make the bad thing go away.

I'd go back to bed and hope the chicken coop holds back whatever it was, but the fact my dog is afraid has me worried. We have another dog outside, and I don't want a chained dog left to fend for himself. But so long as Hunter the Scaredy Cat can't be coaxed out, I'm less than enthusiastic about going out to bring him in.

So I sit here, peeking out the window and flipping the porch light on and off. I peer into the darkness and perceive nothing.

It was probably a fox, I tell myself. But why would my dog be afraid of a fox?