Waiting for the egg song
We had read that chickens can be rather noisy, especially when they lay their eggs at four in the morning. We read this and I fretted over where to put the coop so that they wouldn't disturb the neighbors. We read this and my son's eyes lit up. The Egg Song. Now that sounded like a song he could get in to.

Imagine his delight when we noticed Diego go into the nest box. I think you can probably see it here as he sits vigil over his hen, waiting not for the egg but for her song.

And little Diego sat. And turned. Hollowed a little nest for herself and threw grass on her back. Then, as the big moment was almost there, she stood up to let her little brown egg drop.

Without a peep.

Then she returned to her sisters to forage as if nothing had happened. Now Bear is lamenting the silence of his little hen. This is what he was expecting to experience:

He's holding out hope for one of the others. Certainly one of the four will sing?