A tea moment...and GIVEAWAY!
(Scroll to the bottom for a picture of the product and instructions!)

We like tea around here. My husband is from Australia, where tea is consumed like water, and my most prized possession is a tea set I brought home with me after my first year in Germany. The bit of culture I wanted to bring home with me was that comfort and hospitality always waiting with a pot of tea at 10, 4 and 8.

These days, with five small children, I don't get my tea set out as much as I used to, though I still yearn for someone to pop by, prompting me to put the kettle on as was repeated so many times in Germany. Instead, I use a good old tea bag placed directly in a coffee mug.

And rather than gathering about the table with family and friends who have dropped in, I drink it while at the computer, reading to the kids, or doing housework. Hence the frequent reaching for the cup I discover to be empty. A pleasure had and forgotten, like the Very Nearly Tea of Pooh Corner and the inspiration for this blog.

So you can maybe imagine the excitement when Wendy of Libre offered to send me a tea glass. I dug out my little bag of Assam from the back of a closet and put a little in the mesh lid...

Put the lid on and turned it upside down...

Then removed the whole lid to enjoy a perfectly brewed, single serving of my second favorite tea. (Mental note: pick up some Jasmine tea!)

At first, I wasn't so sure I liked it. I loved the design and how easy it was to use, but the mouth of the cup is much narrower than I am used to. I couldn't drink the tea the way I was used to drinking tea. Essentially, I couldn't gulp it down. I had to sip it.

Sipping tea grew on me. Quickly. I'm thinking that the Minister of Leaves over in the Republic of Tea may be on to something with his pronouncement:
Enjoy life sip by sip, not gulp by gulp.
So I did what anyone else would do. I bought one for my dad as a belated birthday present and asked if I could share a little of this pleasure with you. Or at least one of you. Libre is offering to give away one of these lovely "tea moments" to one of you just for sharing one of your tea moments with us.

Three ways to participate:
1) Blog about your tea moment and include a link to Libre's website and this post. OR
2) Tweet a tea moment with a link to this post using Twitter. OR
3) Upload a picture of a tea moment to Libre's Flickr group.

Once you have done that:

Please leave a comment on this post so that I know! Leave the url of your post, tweet or photo so I can enjoy your tea moment with you! I will announce a winner Tuesday August 11, 2009 (one week from today).