The music of my youth distracts from the duties of the moment
Over the weekend, I rediscovered Pandora. Thinking I'd put myself together a little station to keep me motivated through hours of housework in preparation for an open house, I signed in to my account. It started off simply enough. I sat and stared at the screen, wondering what on earth to enter in the little box.

I drew a complete blank. Until a song popped into my head: Runaway Train by Soul Asylum (graphic images). One of my favorite songs back in high school. In fact, I think Grave Dancers Union was the first CD I bought when I got back from Germany.

Well, that brought back memories. Like Little Miss Can't Be Wrong (mild profanity...or did he say witch? I'm sure he said witch...).

And next thing I knew, time had passed. A lot of it with nothing done but me entering random songs and bands I could remember from my high school and college days. So maybe I got a little behind on Mount Laundry. I found out that I can still sing along with Fast Car! I remember singing along on the bus while everyone else argued whether Tracy Chapman was a girl or a boy.

After What I Am came out, I decided I wanted to be like Edie Brickell. OK, maybe not. I wasn't much into that sort of thing, but I loved the song, her voice, everything. I don't remember any other song on the CD. I'm sure I listened to them all at some point, but mostly I remember playing that one. Over and over and over.

Almost as often as The Chain (Listen to the wind blow...) I had the album. Yes, the album! I had a turntable in my room with floorstanding speakers, one of the benefits of having a father obsessed with stereos. He even built his own amp, but that is neither here nor there. Anyway, I used to look at the Rumors album cover, wondering what the point was. I totally got the phallic imagery, but why? The main difference between Fleetwood Mac and Edie Brickell being that I listened to all of Rumors. Over and over and over.

Then there was that weird band. I was in college, working at Subway when I first heard Peaches. There was something about a band that sang about eating canned peaches. . .and cats (yowsers! What's with the language? That was not in the radio version I first heard!) They never induced me to purchase a CD, but I did enjoy them on the radio. Maybe that's why I like TISM (uh...mature theme?). So. . .existential?

Funny to rediscover that song now, shortly after Michael Jackson's death. And what's with the masks, you ask? What can you expect from a band that considers itself postmodern but has found pop to be more profitable? There are rumors out there that they are really the Wiggles, but for professional reasons don't want anyone to know.

So, uh, yeah. That's the kind of stuff I listened to. Way different from what I listen to now. My CD shelf is filled with things like Colin Buchanan. And Mr. Henry. Late at night, I play things like Vivaldi.

OK, so I probably played Beethoven's 9th more than all my other CDs combined back when I was in school, but I didn't go and stick it in my play list. Because I still listen to stuff like that. It isn't buried in the recesses of my mind to be regurgitated when I start unblocking my memories of high school.

Anyway. . .

Um. . .

Never mind.

Care to share your musical interests from former lives?

(And I did eventually make it to the top of Mount Laundry, and we had two parties come through for the open house!)