A hint of a breeze
Sitting on the porch, a hint of a breeze caresses my cheek. Like a cool drink, or a word of encouragement it refreshes and revives.

My baby squeals in delight as he grabs fistfuls of grass, kicks his little legs and shrieks again as he discovers there is a whole world just beyond the blanket.

Tail tucked and hind end quivering, Copper meets us at the pound. He's terrified until his Mouse clicks the leash on his collar. I wonder what he remembers of his previous owners who surrendered him to the same pound. But we didn't surrender him. He just got lost...and found.

"Arararooo!" he bays as Mouse takes off with him through the field, jumping fences and sniffing out rabbits.

Joyful and alive. So very alive, like a hint of a breeze on a hot afternoon, a cool drink or a word of encouragement.