Family drama in four acts
Act I

Mom, will you read Shora to us?
Mom: Sure. Bring me the book.
Long pause with some shuffling in the other room.
Bear: I can't find it.
Mom: Try looking under the bed.
Disappears. More shuffling.
Bear: It isn't anywhere.
Mom: Well, I can't read a book that isn't anywhere. Keep looking. I'm sure it's somewhere.

Act II

Mom: Mouse, can you help Bear look for The Wheel on the School?

Long Pause with some shuffling and muted arguing.

Mouse: Can't find it.
Mom: Did you look under the bed?
Mouse: We looked everywhere. It isn't anywhere.
Mom: But did you look under the bed?
Mouse: Yes, I looked under the bed.
Mom: Did you pull out the trundle?
Mouse: It isn't there.
Mom: Do you remember in the book when the teacher says to look everywhere, where a wheel could be and where a wheel couldn't possibly be? It is the only way to find something.

Mouse sighs and rolls her eyes as she goes back to her room.

Mouse, triumphantly: It isn't there.


After a day of unsuccessful search operations, mom comes to help. She looks on the toy box. She looks in the toy box. She looks on the bookshelf. She looks behind the bookshelf. She looks under, around and in the rocking chair. She unmakes the beds and remakes the beds.

Mom: Alright you guys. Look under the bed. I can't get down there.

Children, in unison: But we've already looked there.

Mom: But you've already looked everywhere which means its somewhere you've already looked.

Children reluctantly get on their knees and peer under the bed.

Mouse: It isn't there. It isn't anywhere.
Mom: Well, I guess it has flown off to Nes with the storks.

Act IV

Two more days pass since the book went missing. Mom sits at the table, sorting seed packets when Mouse bursts into the room.

Mouse: We found the book!
Mom: Great! Where was it?
Mouse: Under the bed.
Mom, doing her best to restrain herself: I had a feeling...