The almost birthday that almost wasn't
Even before the teacher at my parents' church asked us when Bug's birthday was and I, somewhat surprised, said, "Uh...May...Oh! It's today!" we celebrated our dear little Bug's birthday.

Four years of this adorable little personality.

This adorable pink personality. So attached to pink is she that I call her Pinkie. Here you can see her in her stylishly pink t-shirt. With her stylishly pink place mat. Yesterday she literally jumped for joy because her pink little panties were clean.
I'm pink inside and out!
She exclaimed. And she was, from head to toe and inside and out, totally clothed in pink.

She's even more loyal to pink than she is to her baby brother she is wholly devoted to. Or at least to whom I thought she was wholly devoted.

See, I have to wrestle him from her. Nursing and diaper changes occur under her watchful eye as she waits not-so-patiently for a chance to lift up those bright, hopeful eyes and ask,
Can I hold the baby?
Here, take a closer look at these eyes. And these smiles she is capable of flashing.

But apparently she is more loyal to pink than to family. In the check out aisle at our friendly neighborhood WalMart, she took her eyes off the baby just long enough to notice a baby carrier in the cart behind us.
Mommy, they have a baby, too!
I smiled and dutifully glanced at the baby who had already made herself known by her cries. I returned to unloading the cart onto the conveyor belt when I heard a very indignant little Bug.
Hey! No fair! Their baby is cuter than ours!
Because as she was being lifted from her carrier, little Bug noticed something. The little baby was wearing pink.

And I don't really know why I'm telling you all of this other than the fact I'd rather write about her cute little pink quirkiness than her temper tantrum on her almost birthday we were celebrating because Daddy was home.

All she wanted for her birthday was flip flops. That was it. And somehow when your child has one wish that is well within reason and the feel sort of obligated to grant that wish. But Mouse, generous soul that she is, wanted to get them for her. Flip flops were also within her budget and she was elated at the prospect of being able to afford something her sister really wanted.

But they were flip flops. Shoes. And you kind of have to try them on.

And Bug saw pink ones.

And the pink ones were three times as expensive as the ones Mouse could afford.

And something about knowing it was her birthday and knowing we were there to buy her a present unleashed a horribly discontented and demanding monster. Imagine that sweet smile contorted like this:

I couldn't get away from the flip flops soon enough, and the wails of "But I want the princess ones...!" were expediting the exit. Without flip flops. With a firm directive to Mouse to not buy any flip flops, actually. And my poor Mouse, my generous Mouse, looked almost as upset as Bug.

Except without the wailing and contorted features.

I had learned my lesson. I was ready to slip away with Mouse while Daddy and the others finished our shopping. But apparently Daddy hadn't quite learned his lesson so he tagged along.

And would you believe that in the toy aisle WE HAD A COMPLETE REPEAT OF THE FLIP FLOP FIASCO!

I know that comes as a complete surprise to all of you. But it really happened. And we left without getting any presents. And that's why there is only half a cake in the picture. We ate the first half when we got home because she had fallen asleep (another huge surprise, let me tell you) and awoke her normal sunshiny self.

The next day we did a retake, but this time my husband took a shoe not an almost four year old.

And she loves her flip flops.

And they aren't the princess ones.

And to end with some more of her not-really a toddler anymore sweetness. She has asked me every day since her actual birthday whether she is still four. She then lets out a whoop and a holler and a joyous dance.

Because she's still four.